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Blend of Sports, Education & Business Consultancy

Fostering athletic excellence with sports education programs and offering strategic business consultancy

What we do

Building Champions from India to the World

Empowering a Sports ecosystem merging international sports community.

Embarking on a transformative journey, building a robust sports economy and fostering a vibrant sports culture blending business opportunities

Sports Economy

Establishing partnerships with businesses, sponsors, and investors to catalyse sports economic development in Kerala.

International Collaborations

Collaborations with international sports authorities to utilise their wealth of experience, knowledge, and global perspectives

Sports Culture

Instilling the love for sports in children through accessible and engaging programs, starting from early childhood.

Sports City & Investments

Actively engaged in mobilizing investments to build cutting-edge sports city which will redefine athletic excellence.

Partners & Collaborations

Picked from world best sports companies & Coaches

Experience excellence with our world-leading sports partners. Elevate your athletic journey with collaborations that set the standard for performance, innovation, and success

Real Madrid Foundation:

the legacy of
Real Madrid

PA TEAM- Spain

European Football standards

MGL Evolution- Sweden

Training Individuals,
Clubs in India & Europe

Completraining- Sweden

Sports technical

Sports or Business

Creating collaborative
business opportunities
for any stake holders

Collaborations & Partnerships

Strategic convergence of sports and business, we are fostering collaborations that involves forming symbiotic relationships that leverage the strengths creating a synergistic alliance for mutual growth and success.

Franchisee developments

With a meticulous market analysis, we identify franchise opportunities, considering demographics, consumer behavior, and market trends. Our team develops a compelling business plan, tailored to the specific needs of each franchisee, outlining key strategies for success.

Business Consultancy & Growth Marketing

Our comprehensive business consultancy and growth marketing services are tailored to propel your business to new heights. Leveraging cutting-edge marketing strategies, we tailor campaigns to target your key audience, driving customer acquisition and brand visibility

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Individual or Club?

Train with PATeam in Spain, with Real Madrid standards.

Elevate your skills under the guidance of world-class coaches of Real Madrid and immerse yourself in the rich football culture. Explore the packages to unlock your full potential on the pitch.

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Individual or Club?

Learn sports technic from Real Madrid Players

Learn from Real Madrid players in Kerala, Spain & Sweden. Elevate your skills as you receive firsthand insights and training tips from elite athletes who have excelled on the world stage.


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Athleticism is essential in sports

Learn the Scientific Technics from the Olympian

Embark on a scientific transformative learning experience directly from an Olympian to absorb the expertise and techniques that propelled these elite athletes to Olympic glory.

Our International Sports Mentors & Coaches

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Study Abroad with Football

Study your academics in Spain with Football

In Spain, a groundbreaking partnership with an American University integrates football into the academic curriculum, recognizing its profound impact on holistic student development. The program seamlessly blends traditional academics with specialized football training for a unique educational experience.

RBS Corporation- Group Companies

Shaping Tomorrow, Today – Where Innovation Meets Excellence Across Diverse Horizons

RBS Corporation Group is a dynamic conglomerate of companies, each excelling in distinct domains to create a comprehensive and versatile business portfolio like Business Consultancy & Franchisee development, IT, IT enabled services & Growth Hacking, Event Management, Media & Communication & Trading.

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Individuals, Coaches, Clubs, Schools- Enquire exclusive Football & Sports training packages in Spain, Sweden & India

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Join with us to build better sports culture & business.

Partner with RBS Corporation and join us in realizing our vision for a dynamic sports ecosystem. Together, we can unite governments, sports investors, international clubs, coaches, and sports authorities to cultivate a generation of champions, ensuring success for the nation and beyond.

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